There are many different types of bottles on the market and when you are transitioning from breastfeeding or just starting to introduce a bottle to your baby, making the choice can be overwhelming. Here we distinguish between the different brands and show you how they differ. A note on bottle teats: you can purchase different speed teats to suit the age of your baby. This speed of the teat relates directly to how fast the milk is delivered to your baby’s mouth. A slow teat is most suitable for a new born, as they get older the teats get faster.

Hand is prepairing milk formula for feeding baby.

The difference types of baby bottles are…


Avent is probably one of the better known baby bottle brands, partly because they also make a breast pump. The standard size is 260ml, but they also come in 125ml size. The Avent bottles are wide-necked, which makes them easy to clean; and they are BPA free. Avent have the Classic and the Natural bottles in their range. The Natural bottle is designed to mimic the shape of the breast to aid mixed breast and bottle feeding. Bottles in the Avent Natural range have been clinically proven to reduce colic in babies. Both Classic and Natural bottles also fit the Avent breast pump connection


Chicco offer a wide range of bottles. From the wide necked plastic bottles, glass bottles, angled bottle, through to the wellbeing bottle and the wellbeing traveller bottle. Chico bottles are also fitted with their own ‘anti-colic’ latex teats. The angled bottle is designed to make feeding more comfortable for both mother and baby. It opens at the top and the bottom so is designed for easy cleaning. The Traveller bottle is designed for older babies (4months +). The shape of the bottle is to aid baby’s grip as their fine motor skills improve. All Chicco plastic bottles are BPA free.

Tommy Tippee

Tommy Tippee have been providing feeding bottles for fifty years and recently won awards for their Closer To Nature range. A wide-necked bottles designed to mimic the flex and movement of the breast and provide a more natural feeding experience. The teats are made of silicon so feel more like the breast, and are also shaped like a breast. The bottle shape makes it easy to hold for both adults and babies. Their original bottle range incorporate all the new feature of the Closer to Nature range, and all Tommy Tippee bottles are BPA free.


Nuk bottles come in a wide range of designs. They offer an orthodontic teat that is modelled on the female nipple shape and offers an extra wide lip rest. NUK bottles offer an anti-colic air system, are BPA free and shatter resistant. NUK bottles come in three sizes: 150ml, 240ml or 300ml. There is a the choice of latex or silicone teats and when your baby is transitioning from bottle to cup, NUK offer a non-spill silicone spout, or a training bottle conversion kit is also available. NUK bottles also come in glass.