Infant Formula provides helpful information to mothers who are looking to bottle feed their children with healthy, nutritional formula. We are committed to offering a range of information on different products and helpful advice that readers can use as a guide throughout their own experiences. Continue reading to learn more about toddler and baby formula.

What is toddler milk formula?

Toddler Formula is an alternative milk drink for your children from the age of 12 months and older. Toddler milks may contain additional vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet can provide all the nutrients needed by toddlers for growth, development and activity. Toddlers do not always eat well and toddler milk as part of a healthy diet provides reassurance that they are getting the nutrients they need.

If you’re still breast feeding and considering giving your toddler formula, you should seek professional advice before doing so and changing your baby’s or toddlers diet.

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Here at Infant Formula, we aim to help women make informed decisions on how to bottle feed their baby. Although we believe that ‘breast is best’, we recognise that many women cannot breast feed due to a variety of factors. As such, we are committed to providing comprehensive, reliable information on the different types of formulas available to babies and toddlers who are bottle-feeding.

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