There is so much information available on breast feeding, but less so on bottle feeding. So here are a few bottle feeding tips to get you started.
1. Bonding with your baby will not be hindered by bottle feeding.

Bottle-fed babies look up at you as the feeding position is slightly different compared to breast feeding. Breast fed babies are facing the breast, whereas bottle fed babies are positioned facing up. You can gaze deeply into each other’s eyes as your baby feeds, and you will both enjoy that closeness, as much as if your baby is breast fed.

2. Throw away any formula that isn’t consumed by your baby at each feed. Don’t be tempted to try them with it at the next feed. External conditions can alter the quality of the formula and even just one suck on the teat can introduce bacteria that maybe harmful if it remains in the bottle.

3. Don’t let you baby go to bed with a bottle. It can do damage to their developing teeth even if they haven’t sprouted yet.
Smiling mother feeding milk to baby
4. Store prepared formula at the back of the fridge where it is colder. It’s important to keep prepared formula as cold as possible. Heat it as you need it to ensure the best quality milk is available.

5. Throw out any unconsumed formula 24 hours after it has been made. Formula is designed to be made up and consumed immediately so to avoid unnecessary risk, discard any from the day before.

6. To avoid wasting formula, make up sterilised bottles with boiled water, heat the water and add the formula at the time of the feed. This means you don’t need to worry about how long it may have been in the fridge. You’ve got enough to think about as it is!

7. Purchase a formula container for when you are out and about. You can buy these at the supermarket and they are designed to hold formula for three or four feeds, in separate compartments. You can carry your prepared bottles of boiled water without worrying about keeping them cold. Cafes will usually heat a bottle of water for you, then you can add the formula at feed time without worrying if the formula has been compromised.