In Australia there are several different types of infant formula to choose from. These choices range from infant milk made from cow’s milk, soy, goat’s milk and organic. How do you know which to choose from the variety of brands and products available? It can be a difficult process and long hours spent researching, staring at supermarket shelves and reading labels to determine the best infant formula for your baby.

This is why we have created a simple infant formula comparison site, to help you get all of the vital information about the infant milk products available in Australia and New Zealand all in the one place.

Bringing Together All the Major Brands of Infant Formula

From a2 Platinum to Blackmores, NutraCare Australia and Oli6; we’ve assessed all the big brands of infant milk to bring parents an easy to use comparison. Most infant milks feature a formula that is designed to provide ideal nutrition to newborns, in the first 6 months, and then a follow-on formula perfect for babies aged 6-12 months. There are very strict standards in Australia and New Zealand which ensure all baby formula fulfils the necessary nutritional requirements for your baby. For this reason, all products for comparison on our site, from a2 infant formula to Oli6 follow-on, are going to provide your baby with the right nutrition to grow healthy and strong. But this doesn’t mean they were all made exactly the same. Some use cow’s milk while others use goats milk, some are organic and others gluten free. Rather than spend your time individually searching for infant formula brands, we’ve collated the main ones to make the vital information about their product easily accessible to parents. This way you can quickly assess which brand feels like the right choice for your child and know you’ve made an informed choice.

Choosing the Right Infant Milk

As a parent it’s important to follow your gut instincts. You know what is best for your baby but having more information on a product never hurts. Perhaps you currently use a2 infant formula and would like to know more about it. Or maybe you’ve been thinking of changing from a2 Platinum to Blackmores. No matter what reason you’re looking into the different infant milks available, Infant Formula’s comparisons are a simple starting point which hopefully save you time and stress deciding which infant formula to buy.