S26 Infant Formula

Australian families trust S26 infant formula to help their children grow up strong and healthy. Through years spent perfecting and refining their many formulas, the S26 name has come to be associated with excellence and is one of the highest-quality formulas on the market. Offering everything from newborn formula to soy alternatives, the Infant Formula online store has options for every child, no matter their requirements. We know you don’t want to spend outrageous prices for a premium product, which is why we offer the S26 range at an affordable price, making it accessible to all. View our large range of baby formula products now and find the right product for your infant’s needs.

High-quality formula blends

The S26 brand was built on helping infants, no matter what their dietary requirements are. Whether they have just come into the world or are now over six months old and needing something new for their young development, there is a formula available for them. At Infant Formula, we pride ourselves on our large range of products because we are a one-stop shop for all your young one’s formula needs. Rather than stocking a small range at a premium price point, we believe in keeping costs low and our range varied, so parents can spend less time shopping around for the perfect product.

Take care of your little one

The first few years of your child’s life are the most important, working to shape the rest of your child’s health and their abilities and achievements when they grow up. Don’t limit your children by not providing them with the best you can when they need it the most. Whether you are currently expecting or you are unhappy with your current baby formula’s performance, you can place your trust in S26 infant formula. View the large range on offer from Infant Formula now and find a product that is the right fit for your special little one.